Harness Energy builds certainty in uncertain conditions.

Running a utility-scale wind or solar development project is a dynamic undertaking that is often burdened by uncertainty, time constraints, inefficiency, and limited resources. With our trusted, agile, and turnkey approach to resource measurement, we reduce complexity and uncertainty to provide our clients with peace of mind.

We are experts in project dexterity who believe that excellent results are the product of combining rigorous planning with industry-leading talent and the experience to adapt. At Harness Energy, we believe that by optimizing every aspect of the measurement process, we can help accelerate the renewable energy industry.

What We Believe

Our guiding principles are more than just a statement. They are the north star that leads us in everything we do. Using respect, agility, and follow-through, Harness Energy is building a way toward a greater tomorrow.


Doing good work isn’t enough for us—it should also be good to work with us. Safety-minded and ready to listen, we remain conscientious of the needs of our clients and teammates. We care about the communities in which we serve by finding little ways to respect the humanity of all the people we work with and work for.


We are prepared for the uncertain. Our experience in the field has taught us that no two projects are the same. When conditions inevitably change, we lean on our experience and adapt. We are experienced across multiple technologies, and if needed, we will roll up our sleeves and build new solutions.


We do what we say, and say what we do. We are solutions-oriented and love solving difficult problems. The high standard we hold for ourselves shines in our relentless effort to exceed expectations. This means that we don’t stop until we’ve accomplished our task, and we don’t hesitate to go an extra mile to finish strong.

Renewable Energy Accelerated

Getting the job done is vital, and overcoming challenges associated with renewable energy projects is our passion. Whether it’s refining a solution for your unique situation, streamlining operational inefficiencies, or filling in the gaps created by the limited availability of resources, Harness Energy is up for the challenge.

Reliable Data

Building bankable data is essential for renewable energy project developers to secure funding or optimize their operations.

All too often, the readily available data sets only tell a portion of the story and leave room for costly question marks. With an innovative, future-minded approach to renewable resource measurement, Harness Energy provides the definitive solution for accurately collecting ground data. Our industry-leading data package for wind and solar resources provides clarity in determining the feasibility of your project.

Efficient Operations

As the moving parts of a project increase, so does the potential for failure.

From procuring equipment to installation and maintenance, working with multiple parties creates unnecessary uncertainty. With Harness Energy’s turnkey approach, we enable the smooth completion of your renewable energy resource measurement project. We manage all of the details over the full project lifecycle and improve outcomes.

Innovation isn’t our talent, it’s our experience.

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