Harness Energy measurement solutions exist to unlock the data needed to make difficult decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Whether it’s in the next hour or the next 20 years, you want to be able to look around the corner and see what’s coming for your utility scale energy development. From early-stage prospecting and pre-construction feasibility assessments through post-construction operational monitoring, we offer turnkey measurement solutions that reduce risk at every phase. We are here to help bring certainty to the future, and power your success.

With decades of field measurement experience, Harness brings unparalleled expertise to utility-scale solar development and operation. Our mastery extends beyond installation and decommissioning to the crucial, routine surface cleaning, output monitoring, and maintenance of solar stations that deliver peak performance and reliable data.

At Harness, we understand the importance of following best practices, but we’re also not afraid to challenge the status quo when your project demands a dynamic solution.  With experience across various environments and changing conditions, our systematic approach to solar measurement services ensure that the results you expect are the results that you achieve. Whether you’re in early assessment or deep in monitoring, we’re here to help you harness the radiant potential of the sun.

Solar Resource Assessment

From installation to reliable maintenance, we provide flexible SRA solutions for pre-construction solar resource campaigns.

As an authorized hardware dealer and installer, in partnership with leading independent consultants, we are able to offer exhaustive and customizable packages that deliver top quality data availability and sensor performance. Our services can combine meticulous installation and preventive site maintenance with data quality control, tuning, and assessment. We work with a full spectrum of industry-leading sensors, data loggers and complete measurement systems, and hardware including:

Solar Resource Monitoring

As industry leaders in measurement field services, we excel in providing the specialized installation and commissioning of SRM equipment to operational utility-scale solar plants.

Our extensive experience and field service capabilities enable us to innovate and adapt while expertly handling all aspects of service coordination and stakeholder engagement. We are masters at delivering projects with challenging timeframes, in diverse site conditions, and a variety of sensor and data logger systems:

Our Solar Resource Measurement Services

Let us streamline your solar energy project with our comprehensive measurement services, eliminating the need for you to sweat the small stuff. From project scoping to delivery and asset management, we are committed to handling all of the details with excellence.

Engineering, Procurement, & Construction Services

Operations, Maintenance & Analytics Services

Decommissioning & Asset Management Services

How We Do It

Our solar success springs from our dedication to innovation. Our industry-leading quality is built on next-level training and efficient processes, valuable industry partnerships, and an extensive service team that provides comprehensive national coverage.

People & Process

The heart of our success is a skilled team of field technicians and our time-proven process. Through our cutting-edge field-tech recruitment and training techniques, we’ve fine-tuned our systems to ensure dependable solar resource measurements with unmatched efficiency.


At Harness, we’re masters of field services, marrying precision and purpose. Thanks to our enduring partnerships with top Manufacturers and Independent Engineering & Consulting Firms, we can seamlessly add industry-leading hardware packages, data quality control, and resource analysis to any campaign.


Through our network of localized technicians, we can offer efficient nationwide coverage, serving as the one-stop measurement solution for your expansive energy portfolio. Our vast experience has earned us a reputation as an industry leader, managing over 150 solar stations nationwide. We’ve got your back in any condition, landscape, or situation.


Harness Your Potential

Powerful insights begin with reliable measurements, collecting bankable wind and solar data requires an approach that is customized to your unique situation. Contact us today to harness your potential.

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