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The Power of Reliable Measurement

At the heart of our service is a drive to provide the best measurements that modern technology can produce. We provide a foundation for reliable data, leading to better decision-making for innovation and development in renewable energy.

We offer a full suite of leading-edge field measurement services for utility-scale wind and solar projects. We help our clients harness the power of observational data to drive positive change toward a sustainable future. That is the power of reliable measurements. That is the power of Harness Energy.

Why We're Different


When we say we are going to do it, we simply do it. Our reputation for success with complex projects is rooted in our drive to master the newest technologies and a steadfast desire to deliver. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, our attention to detail, and quality that delivers industry-leading data and documentation packages.


We don’t just make great plans—we plan to adapt. Our experience in the field has taught us that no two projects are the same. Variances in climate, terrain, and weather call for an ability to adapt and generate solutions across multiple site types and measurement hardware systems. Our broad experience allows us to customize measurement solutions to each client’s needs.


Our work is challenging, working with us is not. We find that meteorological measurements and data collection flow more smoothly when there are fewer hands at play. From equipment procurement and installation to ongoing maintenance, repair, and asset management, we maximize efficiency by offering a one-stop-shop solution that others do not.

Wind Resource Measurement

Harness Energy is dedicated to enabling the collection of reliable data throughout the project lifecycle, from resource assessment to operational monitoring. Using a combination of leading-edge MET towers and remote sensing equipment, we handle all of the details, from field service to asset management, supporting efficient, reliable, and insightful outcomes.

Solar Resource Measurement

Harness Energy stands at the forefront of the industry, servicing the latest technology to capture ground irradiance and meteorological data essential for every phase of the utility-scale PV project journey – from solar resource assessment (SRA) to solar resource monitoring applications (SRM). Harness provides simple installation and worry-free ongoing maintenance.

Who We Work With

Harness Your Potential

Powerful insights begin with reliable measurements, collecting bankable wind and solar data requires an approach that is customized to your unique situation. Contact us today to harness your potential.

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