Harness Energy measurement solutions help unlock the power of data across the development lifecycle.

From early-stage prospecting, and pre-construction feasibility assessments, through post-construction power-curve testing, and operational monitoring, we offer turn-key measurement solutions. With two decades of experience in the industry, we’ve mastered the art of providing leading-edge hardware, installation, maintenance, and decommissioning of meteorological equipment.

Our wind resource measurement solutions are as dynamic as your project’s unique needs. We tackle complexity head-on, leveraging our systematic approach to bring certainty to unpredictable conditions. With agility in our toolbox, our team is expert across the spectrum of wind resource measurement systems and changing environments. Whether you need various MET tower types, heights, or remote sensing equipment, we’re here to help you harness the limitless potential of the wind.


We have deep experience working with towers ranging from 60 to 120 meters, using tubular tilt-up, guyed, and self-supported lattice structures.

Our extensive experience in variable conditions, and a meticulous attention to detail ensure reliability and safety at every step. We work with the full spectrum of industry-standard metrological sensors and the leading data-logger systems, including:

Remote Sensing

We are experts in the evolving field of remote sensing, with long-standing experience in both LiDAR and SoDAR systems.

Our broad-based experience with various equipment, including off-grid and mobile power systems, makes it easy to integrate remote sensing into your measurement campaigns. Our technicians are well-versed in cutting-edge systems, including:

Our Wind Resource Measurement Services

Through a single point of contact and consistent communication, Harness can streamline each stage of your measurement campaign. We are committed to excellence from project scoping, to delivery and asset management, handling all of the details.

Engineering, Procurement, & Construction Services

Operations, Maintenance & Analytics Services

Decommissioning & Asset Management Services

How We Do It

Our competitive edge is a product of our unwavering commitment to innovation, achieved through a rigorous approach that centers on two pivotal elements: harnessing the potential of our talented team and efficient processes and providing comprehensive national coverage with a global reach.

People & Process

Our true talent is found in our growth-minded people and our proven process. By leveraging industry-leading field-tech recruitment and training practices, we have optimized the systems and processes that deliver the most reliable wind resource measurements with unrivaled efficiency.


We offer nationwide coverage with a global presence, serving as the one-stop measurement solution for your expansive portfolio. With our vast experience on over 2,000 towers and 300 remote sensing devices across the US and worldwide, we’ve got your back in any condition, landscape, or situation.


Harness Your Potential

Powerful insights begin with reliable measurements, collecting bankable wind and solar data requires an approach that is customized to your unique situation. Contact us today to harness your potential.

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